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In andthe British largely halted reconquest of the northern states, and concentrated on the south, where they were told there was a large Loyalist population ready to leap to arms astro prognozează tranzacționare the royal forces arrived. The British took control of Savannah and Charleston, capturing a large American army in the process, and set up a network of bases inland. There were many more Loyalists in the South than in the North, [49] but they were concentrated in larger coastal cities and were not great enough in number to overcome the revolutionaries.

There were numerous battles large and small, with each side claiming some victories.

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Byhowever, British Astro prognozează tranzacționare Cornwallis moved north to Virginia, where an approaching army forced him to fortify and await rescue by the British Navy. The British Navy did arrive, but so did a stronger French fleet, and Cornwallis was trapped.

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American and French armies, led by Washington, forced Cornwallis to surrender his entire army in Yorktown, Virginia in Octobereffectively winning the North American part of the war. CircaThe Revolution provided a shock to slavery in the South. Thousands of slaves took advantage of wartime disruption to find their own freedom, catalyzed by the British Governor Dunmore of Virginia's promise of freedom for service.

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Many others were removed by Loyalist owners and became slaves elsewhere in the Empire. They were moved by the principles of the Revolution, and Quaker and Methodist preachers worked to encourage slaveholders to free their slaves.

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Planters such as George Washington often freed slaves by their wills. In the upper South, more than 10 percent of all blacks were free bya significant expansion from pre-war proportions of less than 1 percent free. After the invention of the cotton ginshort staple cotton could be grown more widely.

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This led to an explosion of cotton cultivation, especially in the frontier uplands of Georgia, Alabama and other parts of the Deep South, as well as riverfront areas of the Mississippi Delta. Migrants poured into those areas in the early decades of the 19th century, when county population figures rose and fell as swells of people kept moving west. The expansion of cotton cultivation required more slave labor, and the institution became even more deeply an integral part of the South's economy.

From the s through the s, more than one million enslaved Africans were transported to the Deep South in forced migration, two-thirds of them by slave traders and the others by masters who moved there. Planters in the Upper South sold slaves excess to their needs as they shifted from tobacco to mixed agriculture.

Many enslaved families were broken up, as astro prognozează tranzacționare preferred mostly strong males for field work.

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One of these issues concerned the protective tariffs enacted to assist the growth of the manufacturing sector, primarily in the North. Inin resistance to federal legislation astro prognozează tranzacționare tariffs, South Carolina passed an ordinance of nullificationa procedure in which a state would, in effect, repeal a Federal law. Soon a naval flotilla was sent to Charleston harbor, astro prognozează tranzacționare the threat of landing ground troops was used to compel the collection of tariffs.

A compromise was reached by which the tariffs would be gradually reduced, but the underlying argument over states' rights continued to escalate in the following decades. Horse racing at Jacksonville, AlabamaThe second issue concerned slavery, primarily the question of whether slavery would be permitted in newly admitted states. The issue was initially finessed by political compromises designed to balance the number of "free" and "slave" astro prognozează tranzacționare.

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The issue resurfaced in more virulent form, however, around the time of the Mexican—American Warwhich raised the stakes by adding new territories primarily on the Southern side of the imaginary geographic divide.

Congress opposed allowing slavery in these territories. Before the Civil War, the number of immigrants arriving at Southern ports began to increase, although the North continued to receive the most immigrants.

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Hugenots were among the first settlers in Charleston, along with the largest number of Orthodox Jews outside of New York City. Germans also went to New Orleans and its environs, resulting in a large area north of the city along the Mississippi becoming known as the German Coast.

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Still greater numbers immigrated to Texas especially afterwhere many bought land and were farmers. Many more German immigrants arrived in Texas after the Civil War, where they created the brewing industry in Houston and elsewhere, became grocers in numerous cities, and also established wide areas of farming.

ByNew Orleans was the wealthiest city in the country and the third largest in population.

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The success of the city was based on the growth of international trade associated with products being shipped to and from the interior of the country down the Mississippi River. New Orleans also had the largest slave market in the country, as traders brought slaves by ship and overland to sell to planters across the Deep South.

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The city was a cosmopolitan port with a variety of jobs that attracted more immigrants than other areas of the South. People relied most heavily on river traffic for getting their crops to market and for transportation. The states in light red were considered " border states ", and gave varying degrees of support to the Southern cause although they remained in the Union.

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This illustration depicts the original, trans-Allegheny borders of Virginia, thus does not show West Virginia separately. Although members astro prognozează tranzacționare the Five Tribes in Indian Territory today part of Oklahoma aligned themselves with the Confederacy, the region is not shaded because at the time it was a territory, not a state.

Bythe South had lost control of Congress, and was no longer able to silence calls for an end to slavery—which came mostly from the more populated, free states of the North. The Republican Party, founded inpledged to stop the spread of slavery beyond those states where it already existed.

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After Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican president inseven cotton states declared their secession and formed the Confederate States of America before Lincoln was inaugurated. The United States government, both outgoing and incoming, refused to recognize the Confederacy, and when the new Confederate President Jefferson Davis ordered his troops to open fire on Fort Sumter in Aprilthere was an overwhelming astro prognozează tranzacționare, North and South, for war.

Only the astro prognozează tranzacționare of Kentucky attempted to remain neutral, and it could only do so briefly. When Lincoln called for troops to suppress what he referred to as "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary" judicial or martial means, [59] four more states decided to secede and join the Confederacy which then fără bonus de depunere la înregistrarea la opțiuni binare its capital to Richmond, Virginia.

Southern United States

Although the Confederacy had large supplies of captured munitions and many volunteers, it was slower than the Union in dealing with the border states. By Marchthe Union largely controlled Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri, had shut down all commercial traffic from all Confederate ports, had prevented European recognition of the Confederate government, and was poised to seize New Orleans.

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In the four years of war —65 the South was the primary battleground, with all but two of the major battles taking place on Southern soil. Union forces relentlessly squeezed the Confederacy, controlling the border states inthe Tennessee River, the Cumberland River and New Orleans inand the Mississippi River in Lee beat off attack after attack in its defense of their capital at Richmond.

But when Lee tried to move north, he was repulsed and nearly captured at Sharpsburg and Gettysburg The Confederacy had the resources for a short war, but was unable to finance or supply a longer war.

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The Union blockade stopped most commerce from entering the South, and smugglers avoided the tax, so the Confederate tariff produced astro prognozează tranzacționare little revenue to finance the war.

Inflated currency was the solution, but that created distrust of the Richmond government. Because of low investment in railroads, the Southern transportation system depended primarily on river astro prognozează tranzacționare coastal traffic by boat; both were shut down by the Union Navy. The small railroad system virtually collapsed, so that by internal travel was so difficult that the Confederate economy was crippled.

The Confederate cause was hopeless by the time Atlanta fell and William T. Sherman marched through Georgia in latebut the rebels fought on, refusing to give up their independence until Lee's army surrendered in April All the Confederate forces surrendered, and the region moved into the Reconstruction Era.

The South suffered much more than the Astro prognozează tranzacționare overall, as the Union strategy of attrition warfare meant that Lee could not replace his casualties, and the total war waged by Sherman, Sheridan and other Union armies devastated the infrastructure and caused widespread poverty and distress. The Confederacy suffered military losses of 95, men killed in action andwho died of disease, for a total of[60] out of a total white Southern population at the time of around 5.

Reconstruction and Jim Crow[ edit ].

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