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Family[ edit ] Morse's father was a taxi driver, and Morse likes to explain the origin of his additional private income by saying that he "used to drive the Aga Khan ". He remained with his mother until her death three years later, upon which he had to return to his father. Morse had a dreadful relationship with his stepmother Gwen.

Zherkov a atins calul cu pintenii lui, care, de trei ori, fierbinte, l-au lovit cu piciorul, neștiind de unde să înceapă, s-a descurcat și a galopat, depășind compania și depășind trăsura, tot la timp până la cântec. Întorcându-se de la inspecție, Kutuzov, însoțit de generalul austriac, a intrat în biroul său și, după ce l-a chemat pe adjutant, a ordonat să-și prezinte câteva hârtii legate de starea trupelor sosite și scrisori primite de la arhiducele Ferdinand, care a comandat armata avansată. Prințul Andrey Bolkonsky a intrat în biroul comandantului-șef cu hârtiile necesare. În fața planului întins pe masă stăteau Kutuzov și un membru austriac al Hofkrigsratului.

He claims that he only read poetry to annoy her, and that her petty bullying almost drove him to suicide. He has a half-sister named Joyce with whom he is on better terms.

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Morse was devastated when Joyce's daughter Marilyn took her own life. Morse prefers to use only his surname, and is generally evasive when asked about his first name, sometimes joking that it is Inspector.

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Education[ edit ] Although details of Morse's education are deliberately kept vague, it is hinted that he won a scholarship to study at St John's College, Oxford. Further details are revealed piece-by-piece in the prequel series.

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He often reflects on such renowned scholars as A. Housman who, like himself, failed to get an academic degree from Oxford. Career[ edit ] After university, he entered the army on National Service.

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Upon leaving, he joined the police [6] at Carshall-Newtown, before being posted to Oxford with the Oxford City Police. He was awarded the George Medal in the last episode of Endeavour Series 4.

Lichiditate - ce este în cuvinte simple. Ce este lichiditatea proiectului Sunt mijloace de plată absolut lichide. Ce este lichiditatea proiectului Lichiditatea din latinescul liquidus - lichid, care curge peste este un termen economic care denotă capacitatea activelor de a fi vândute rapid la un preț apropiat de prețul pieței.

Habits and personality[ edit ] Morse is ostensibly the embodiment of white, male, middle-class Englishness, with a set of prejudices and assumptions to match even though as the son of a taxi driver his background was thoroughly working class. As a result, he may be considered a late example of the gentleman detectivea staple of British detective fiction.

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This is in sharp contrast to the working-class lifestyle of his assistant Lewis named after another rival clue-writer Mrs. Lewis ; in the novels, Lewis is Welshbut in the TV series this is altered to a Tyneside Geordie background, appropriately for the actor Kevin Indiciu de cuvinte încrucișate cu venituri suplimentare.

Morse is in his forties at the start of the books Service of all the Dead, Chapter Six: "… a bachelor still, forty-seven years old …"and Lewis slightly younger e.

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The Secret of Annexe 3, Chapter Twenty-Six: "a slightly younger man — another policeman, and one also in plain clothes".

Morse's relationships with authority, the establishment, bastions of power and the status quo, are markedly ambiguous, as are some of his relations with women. He is frequently portrayed as patronising female characters, and once stereotyped the female sex as not naturally prone to crime, being caring and non-violent, but also often empathises with women.

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He is not shy to show his liking for attractive women and often dates those involved in cases. Indeed, a woman he falls in love with sometimes turns out to be the culprit.

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Morse is highly intelligent. He is a crossword addict [9] and dislikes grammatical and spelling errors; in every personal or private document that he receives, he manages to point out at least one mistake.

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He claims that his approach to crime-solving is deductive, and one of his key tenets is that "there is a 50 per cent chance that the person who finds the body is the murderer".

Morse uses immense intuition and his fantastic memory to apprehend the perpetrator. Among Morse's conservative tastes are that he likes to drink real indiciu de cuvinte încrucișate cu venituri suplimentare and whiskyand in the early novels, drives a Lancia.

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His favourite music is opera, which is echoed in the soundtracks to the television series, along with original music by Barrington Pheloung. Morse was portrayed as being an atheist.